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Name Gender Marital Status
Mohammad Karimi Moridani Male Married
Campus Address Permanent Address
Assistant Professor,  Vice dean-Education Affairs of Department of Health and Biomedical Engineering,

Tehran Medical Sciences,  Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Postal Adress:  Unit 5, No.29, Fatjam Street, Tehran-Pars,Tehran, IRAN



Areas of Interest
1)    Image Processing

Medical Image Processing

Computer Vision

Image enhancement methods

Noise reduction methods

Edge Detection Methods

2)    Signal Processing

Medical Signal Processing

Noise Cancellation Methods

Time-Frequency Methods

Non-linear Feature Extraction

Optimization Methods

3)    Machine Learning

Artificial Networks

4)    Data acquisition and management

ECG, EEG, ERG Recordings

      5) Fuzzy Theory       6) Statistical Analysis
      7) Bioengineering       8) Modeling



Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering-Bio-Electric

Dissertation: Mortality Prediction of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Patient Admitted in ICU Using Nonlinear Methods and Clinical Rules

Supervisors: Prof. S. Kamaledin Setaredan; Prof. Ali Motie Nasrabadi,Prof. E. Hajinasrollah


M.Sc.: Biomedical Engineering-Bio-Electric

Dissertation: ECG Imaging to Ischemic Episode Detection

Supervisors: Assistant Prof. Majid Pouladian


B. Sc.: Electrical Engineering-Electronic

Dissertation: DC Motor Control with PD&PID Controller in MATLAB Environment

Supervisor: Dr. Fereydoon Javashi


Honored abd Awards
2018 Iran’s top researcher elite forum
2016 Teaching Awards of Islamic Azad Tehran Medical Sciences,  Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
2013 Ranked first among graduating students

In Ph.D. of Biomedical Engineering.

2011 Ranked first in national Ph.D. Entrance Exam

In Biomedical Engineering, Iran

2009 Full-Fund Ph.D. Acceptances

Pompeu Fabra University, Spain

2007 Ranked 10th among 450 competitors

In Azad Universities attendance exam, Iran


Published Books
1.   Mohammad Karimi Moridani (Author); Tutorial of MATLAB Software and Simulink, Persian language, Islamic Azad University Publisher; Iran, 2019.

·       2. Mohammad Karimi Moridani (Translation to Persian); Neural Networks Architectures Examples Using MATLAB, By j. Smith; Islamic Azad University Publisher; Iran; 2019.


Book Chapters
1. Mohammad Karimi Moridani; Comparative Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Brain Imaging Modalities; Biomedical and Environmental Sensing; 63-70; 2009.
Journal Publications
1.    Mohammad Karimi Moridani, Mohammad .Abdi Zadeh, Zahra.Shahiazar Mazraeh, An Efficient Automated Algorithm for Distinguishing Normal and Abnormal ECG Signal, IRBM,2019.
2.    Mohammad Karimi Moridani, F Choopani, M Kia. Recognition of lung volume condition based on phase space mapping using electrical impedance tomography. Journal of Electrical Bioimpedance; 2019; 10:34-39.
3.  Mohammad Karimi Moridani, M Pouladian. A Novel Method to Ischemic Heart Diseases Detection Based on Non-Invasive ECG Imaging. Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology; 2018; 19 (03), 1950002.
4.    Mohammad Karimi Moridani, YH Bardineh. Presenting an efficient approach based on novel mapping for mortality prediction in intensive care unit cardiovascular patients. MethodsX 5 2018; 1291-1298.
5.     Mohammad Karimi Moridani, Seyed Kamaledin Setarehdan, Ali Motie Nasrabadi, Esmaeil Hajinasrollah;  A Novel Approach to Mortality Prediction of ICU Cardiovascular Patient Based on Fuzzy Logic Method; Biomedical Signal Processing and Control; 2018; 45:160-173.
6.    Mohammad Karimi Moridani, Shabnam Ghahari, Implementation of Edge Detection as an Efficient Algorithm to the Evaluation of the Dental Caries; Advances in Bioresearch; 2017; 8 (2): 233-241.
7.    Mohammad Karimi Moridani, Hanieh Farhadi, Heart rate variability as a biomarker for epilepsy seizure prediction; Bratislava Medical Journal; 2017; 118 (1): 3–8.
8.    Mohammad Karimi Moridani, Seyed Kamaledin Setarehdan, Ali Motie Nasrabadi, Esmaeil Hajinasrollah; Non-Linear Feature Extraction from HRV Signal for Mortality Prediction of ICU Cardiovascular Patient; Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology; 2016; 40 (3): 87-98.
9.    Mohammad Karimi Moridani, Seyed Kamaledin Setarehdan, Ali Motie Nasrabadi, Esmaeil Hajinasrollah; New Algorithm of Mortality Risk Prediction for Cardiovascular Patients Admitted in Intensive Care Unit Using of Artificial Neural Networks; International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine 08/2015; 8 (6): 8916-8926.
10. Mohammad Karimi Moridani, Seyed Kamaledin Setarehdan, Ali Motie Nasrabadi, Esmaeil Hajinasrollah; Analysis of Heart Rate Variability as a Predictor of Mortality in Cardiovascular Patients of Intensive Care Unit; Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering 06/2015; DOI: 10.1016/j. be. 2015.05.004
11. Soroor Behbahani, Mohammad Karimi Moridani, Nonlinear Poincaré Analysis of Respiratory Efforts in Sleep Apnea: Bratislava Medical Journal, 08/2015; 116 (7): 426-432; DOI:10.4149/BLL_2015_081.
12. Ahad Karimi Moridani, Seyyedeh Hoora Fakhrmoosavy, Mohammad Karimi Moridani; Vehicle Detection and Tracking in Roadway Traffic Analysis Using Kalman Filter; International Journal of Imaging and Robotics; 15(2):47-52, 2015.
13.  Mohammad Karimi Moridani, Seyed Kamaledin Setarehdan, Ali Motie Nasrabadi, Esmaeil Hajinasrollah; Mortality Risk Assessment of ICU Cardiovascular Patients Using Physiological Variables; Universal Journal of Biomedical Engineering; 1:6-9; 2013.
14.  Mohammad Karimi Moridani; Detection and Quantification of Coronary Atherosclerotic Plaque Using Different Imaging Modalities; American Journal of Biomedical Engineering; 1:1-6; 2011.
15. Mohammad Karimi Moridani: Detection Ischemic Episodes from Electrocardiogram Signal using Wavelet Transform. Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering; 02 (04): 239-244; 2009.
16.  Mohammad Karimi Moridani; Functional Brain Imaging with Use of a New and Powerful Neuroimaging Technique. Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering; 02 (03): 173-176; 2009.
Conferences Presentations
1.    Alireza Azizi, Mohammad Karimi Moridani, Abdolkarim Saeedi, A Novel Geometrical Method for Depression Diagnosis Based on EEG Signals, 4th Conference on Technology In Electrical and Computer Engineering (ETECH 2019), Tehran,Iran.
2.   Mohammad Karimi Moridani, M Heydar, SSJ Behnam. A Reliable Algorithm Based on Combination of EMG, ECG, and EEG Signals for Sleep Apnea Detection:(A Reliable Algorithm for Sleep Apnea Detection). 2019 5th Conference on Knowledge-Based Engineering and Innovation, Science AND Industry University, Tehran, Iran, 2019.
3.   Mohammad Karimi Moridani, M Kia, F Choopani. Development of Computer-Aided Diagnosis System to Evaluate the Lung Efficiency Using Electrical Impedance Tomography. 3rd International Conference on Electrical Engineering, Tehran, Iran, 2019.
4.   Soroor Behbahani, Mohammad Karimi Moridani, Nasrin Kianfar: Cardiac Signal Processing to discriminate Normal and Atrial Fibrillation Signals, Seventh National Symposium on Electrical Engineering, Majlesi, Isfahan, Iran, 2018.
5.   Mohammad Karimi Moridani, Golnaz Abadi; Neuromuscular Skeletal Arm Modeling to Analysis of Stability and Movement Control; International Conference on Researches in Science & Engineering; Turkey, 2016.
6.   Mohammad Karimi Moridani, Shabnam Ghahari, Fatemeh Gholami. Early Caries Detection in Tooth-Based on Histogram and Power Spectral Analysis, 1st Langaroud Conference On Electrical Engineering, 2015.
7.   Mohammad Karimi Moridani, Fatemeh Gholami, Shabnam Ghahari, Darush Gholami: Face Tracking for Diagnosis and Treatment Plan in Orthodontic Patients, 1st Langaroud Conference On Electrical Engineering, 2015.
8.   Mohammad Karimi Moridani, Sorooor Behbahani: Improvement of the Storage Capacity for Hopfield Network Associative Memory. 1th National Conference on Computer Engineering and Information Retrieval; 1-9; 2013.
9.   Mohammad Karimi Moridani; Visualization of Coronary Atherosclerotic Plaques in Patients Using Different Imaging Modalities; 17th Iranian Conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICBME); 1-6; 2010.
10.           Mohammad Karimi Moridani, Amir Homayoon Jafari: Presenting a Nonlinear Model to Analysis of the Movement in Neuromuscular Skeletal Arm. 16th Iranian Conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICBME); 1-9; 2010.
11.           Mohammad Karimi Moridani; ECG Imaging to Ischemic Episode Detection; 17th Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE); 7-13; 2009.
Manuscripts in Preparation/Submitted for Review
1.     Soroor Behbahani, Mohammad Karimi Moridani, Alireza Ramezani, Hamideh Sabbaghi. Evaluation of Frequency Characteristics of Electroretinogram in Patients with Central Retinal Vein Occlusion (Under review-Peer Review-Journal).
2.     Mohammad Karimi Moridani, Soroor Behbahani, Fatemeh Chopani, Elham Ebadi. Design and implementation of an online test system to evaluate students more accurately and improve the quality of education (Under review-Peer Review-Journal).
3.     Alireza Ramezani, Soroor Behbahani, Mohammad Karimi Moridani. Comparison of Time and Frequency Photopic Negative Response Measurements of CRVO Patients (Under review-Peer Review-Journal).


Member of Construction Engineering Organization

Member of the Association of Medical Engineering

Member of Young Researcher Club


Professional Experience
Teaching Experience: 2016-Present:

Tehran Medical Sciences,  Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

·       Artificial Neural Networks

·       Microprocessor


Islamic Azad University, Tehran Medical Branch, Tehran, Iran

·       Medical Informatics

·       Systemic Programming

·       Microprocessor

·       MATLAB Software Programming


Islamic Azad University of Islamshahr, Islamshahr, Iran.

·       Electronic

·       Electrical Circuits

·       Microprocessor


Islamic Azad University of Garmsar, Garmsar, Iran.

·       Electronic

·       Integrated Circuits

·       Discrete-Time Signal Processing

·      Computer Networks


Islamic Azad University of Lahijan, Guilan, Iran

·       Electrical Circuit

·       Linear Control Systems

·       MATLAB Programming,

·       SPICE Programming


Workshop Holdings:
2018-2019    Matlab Professional Programmering (Islamic Azad University, South Branch, Tehran, Iran)

2018-2019    Introduction to MATLAB programming Islamic Azad University, South Branch, Tehran, Iran

2017-2018    Matlab Professional Programmering (Tehran Medical Sciences,  Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran)

2016-2017    Matlab Professional Programmer (Tehran Medical Sciences,  Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran)


Advisory and SuperAdvisory of Projects:
Supervisory of Ph.D. Project:

·       Heart rate monitoring in pregnant women with preeclampsia

Supervisory of M.Sc. Projects:

·       Predicting of bradycardia in preterm infants using linear and nonlinear analysis of heart rate variability

·       Provides an intelligent method to detect the stress of drivers

·       Detection of age-related macular degeneration by neural networks

·       Dynamic analysis of hand movement signals to quantify the vibrations

·       A New Method for Predicting Sudden Cardiac Death Using Geometric Phase Spatial Mapping

·       Providing a Reversible and Compression-Resistant Method for Watermarking Digital Medical Imaging

Supervisory of B.Sc. Projects:

·        Implementation of a stress detection system using physiological signals

·       Design of artificial neural network to identify seizures using time-frequency analysis

·       Investigating the dynamics of Electrophysiological signals in individuals at different stages of sleep

·       Design of a CAD System for the Identification and Classification of Breast Cancer Tumors

·       Face image processing to identify people’s facial expressions

·       Influence of digital games on spine condition and body posture

·       An Algorithm for Depression Detection Using Electroencephalogram Signal

·       Meditation is a new approach to promoting community health

·       Parkinson’s disease diagnosis using the RQA algorithm

·       Behavioral assessment of neonatal bradycardia


Professional Affiliations and Services:
Ad-hoc Reviewer

IEEE transaction on Neural systems and rehabilitation Engineering

Anatolian Journal of Cardiology

Alliance for engineering in Biology and Medicine (IRBM)

Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Signal Processing and Control

Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine (CMPB)

Digital Signal Processing (DSP Elsevier)

Archives of the Turkish Society of Cardiology

Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors (JMSS)

Medical Image Analysis (MEDIA Elsevier)

Neural Computing and Applications


Computer Skills:
Matlab Professional Programmer

 Simulink

 Fuzzy Logic

 EEGLab

 Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Programming Languages: C++

Software Packages: PSPICE, ORCAD, Proteus, Codvision


Other Skills
Language: Advanced English